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My 17-year story through colleges.

Physics and Computer Science today.

I started my freshman year in 1995, then Chemistry in 1996. Then ADHD put me off school several times in the past 17 years.

Left Venezuela and school in 2000, I got sick and tired of being in the fucking closet and living as a second class citizen there. I had no money to go back to school, so when I got admitted to Université de Montréal in 2002, I had the brilliant idea to work full time and "study" full time. The obvious: I failed my courses. I continued Chemistry while doing a Certificate in Applied Computer Science parallel to it, I kept doing it until I got clinically depressed in 2004.

I had no funding from the government because refugees weren't eligible then, which really pissed me off. I realized then that going to the classroom wasn't enough. So, when I got Permanent Residence in 2004, I got funding. Comically, that same year, refugees had become eligible for college funding and financial aid. I got sick of Chemistry, and the Certificate. I worked my way through Minor Physics in 2004-2005 and got admitted into Honours Physics and Computer Science. But I wasn't happy with anything below B, and there was a student strike in 2005 that put me off balance and I had C's in the end. I hated the student movement for so long... then problems started with another strike, this time a professor strike.

I got funding cut off in 2006 and I filled all the requisites for an exchange program in Germany, but the school authorities didn't let me because I needed an appointment to drop off my duly completed file with professor recommendations and all that jazz. Nowhere in the fine print said anything about "an appointment", I yelled out of my lungs that I didn't need them, they said "you need a permis de séjour to go there" and I said "Guess what? I will get it! I speak german!".

Then I worked in Germany for 6 months as an intern. The german consular officer in Montreal saw that my Permanent Resident card had a PR status code called Refugee Class. So she didn't let me apply for a visa with a Venezuelan passport. I wasn't a canadian citizen then. The company in Berlin begged me to go back and work under the radar, which I did through invoicing from Montreal and working offshore and outsourced.

I got back to Montreal in 2007, and problems started again with funding! I got HIV in 2008 and they cut me off again, welfare cut me off too, I was sick for so long, 4 months I think seroconverting. I was depressed again. It wasn't getting HIV. It was the pain from being sick. The faculty asked why I failed so many times some courses, I told them about my HIV and they were heartfelt but nevertheless I always felt like they never gave a shit about students. I got funding again, but not the student loan I am still trailing behind my back. This time, it was a scholarship. I left school for 3 years, 2009 until now.

I needed a big break, and think about my life, whether I wanted to do this for real or now. I went four times to Burning Man. I got back in January this year, and the second student strike happened. I was afraid I wouldn't get funding anymore after the strike screwed up this year. So, after talking to the student bodies and getting mocked and laughed at after teling them about my HIV and escorting, I lost it and got into a psychotic breakdown. I wanted to set the school on fire! I wanted to spray the student demonstrators with gasoline and set them on fire! I wanted to access the labs and get liquid hydrogen (highly flammable) and set the whole school on fire. They locked me into the psych ward for 4 days. I'm fine now. But all this anger is fuelled by the last 12 years living here. I got funding for 2012-2013, but this is the last year I get it, they already said. I am repeating some courses while taking other ones. 17 credits each term. It's a lot. But I am fucking motivated right now. I'm taking the summer term too. I wasn't planing on it, I'd really like to travel, I love summer. But travel can wait, this cannot wait. It's been 17 years. It's A's and B's now.
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I know, I procrastinated all of 2010 thinking I could keep up with a blog.

I am now in Zürich, flew to Basel from London. Three glorious weeks cycling the gorgeous english countryside are still fresh memories in my mind. Followed the A4 to Windsor, Reading, Newbury, Hungerford, Marlborough (which means Merlin's Burrow or Merlin's Tomb), Avebury and its Stone Circle, Glastonbury and its hill called Tor, the Glastonbury Festival grounds in Pilton, Taunton along the navigation canal from Bridgwater, and lastly Exeter!

Total distance to this point: 180 miles!

I didn't cycle naked, as the Kingdom has got some stupid laws regarding 'offending' other people with my nudity. But I did get naked in Glastonbury Festival grounds, as I visited a camp called 'Lost Horizon', which was mostly focused on providing a sauna, and it wasn't just a steamroom. It provided a sacred place of meditation. Some lad blew some australian horn which I can't recall how it is called. I felt connected to this camp, as I was rather dissappointed on how most attendees left their rubbish and thousands of tents behind, let alone boots, chairs, umbrellas, you name it! Three hours checking out the festival grounds was more or less enough for me, having met other fellas giving out free food and milk, which I brought back to Glastonbury Town. From Tor, I could see the festival in all its glory in the last day of it. I also drank water from the White Spring, and saw wonderful hippies roaming around town. Glastonbury is a healing place, so do not hesitate to visit any other time of the year.

From Exeter, I cycled to Torbay, specifically to Torquay. Please mind the hill ! I was so exhausted surmounting it from the A38 and local roads! I figured out the flat way on the way back to Exeter, which was simply going to Newton Abbot, then following the river out to Dawlish, then on the Exe to Exeter.

I found out at some point how resourceful it can be to find out the cycleways in advance, avoiding hills in England is of utmost importance and thus here I present you with, which I am happy to contribute to.

Based in Exeter, but with a friend and his car, I visited three places. One was the City of Plymouth. Fellas, it does look like Boston in America! Or is it rather Boston looks like Plymouth? I found interesting that nothing in America ressembles most of England, except Plymouth! Second place was the nude beach nearby in Burleigh Salterton, official and legit. Trouble is those pebbles... but otherwise, weather is pretty much 'English Riviera' and warm. Third place was another nude beach, but this time 70 miles away, almost by Poole and Bournemouth, called 'Studland', also official and legit, with SANDS! Lovely day, just like in France but milder weather!

I was going to camp at Studland, but had my reserves at it may not be allowed. Reversing back to Exeter, my friend and I decided to go visit Stonehenge the next day, the Old Sarum, and Salisbury Cathedral. I purchased a membership to English Heritage, so I can now visit ALL heritage sites without paying another fee for 15 months, highly useful! This wrapped up a visit to old stone age pagan sacred sites, feeling very connected to the Earth. I camped overnight at Fingsbury Ring, made out of earth instead of stones. Well... I wasn't supposed to camp, but the cows made some company in the early morning, licking my tent! My friend (Paul from Exeter) stayed overnight with me, but didn't sleep much, and we left in opposite directions, he with his car to Exeter, me with my bike to Guildford.

Stay tuned as I will tell you how I got back to London and how I figured out my exit to continental Europe.
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Naturist Europe Tournée 2010

Welcome to my new blog, dear hoping-to-be-nudist friends, and dear ones-who-are-not too!

I've been willing to start posting something for quite a number of years. This trip fuelled the whole nine yards, and to some of you who've been following my posts on DudesNude, you'd be happy to know that the posts stay here for lifetime... with pictures included - not porn, not sex - just bare naked and the way G-d brought me and all of us to this wonderful world.

I was in Palm Springs and San Diego before coming on this trip to Europe. The Memorial Day Weekend was very nice in Palm Springs with 84 F during the day, a fullmoon naked hike up the San Jacinto Mountain Range, and some good weather in San Diego at the world-famous nude beach: Blacks Beach, near Torrey Pines / UCSD. I know some people were jerking off on that beach with no respect for others, but I just simply ignore them and enjoy myself. I admire the beauty of a naked body, unconnected to sex, and regardless of gender.

I went to Tijuana on the last day of the holiday, and TJ was a nice day too! I've got some good deals on alcohol at Costco Mexico (liquor, not rubbing alcohol LOL), some porcelain jewellery, and my friend François got some nice deals on precious metals and quartz at a fraction of the cost it would have cost in the USA. ¡Viva Mexico amigos! Of course, we were lucky to have François guiding us through the city, and his mexican friends in TJ took us to the waterfront, with amazing views of the oceanlife, the fishermen... the border wall ! Ha! I was so happy, I actually left my contact info behind with them, because it won't be the last time I come to TJ ! And I may keep exploring that coast past Ensenada and beyond for some well-deserved nudity in the sun and nice temperature.

Then we had to endure 2 hours crossing back to the USA, and I mean, that was the fastest overall that day ! We took a minivan to cross the border faster than with the footwalk lanes. When we got back to SD, I was already so tired looking at the clock ticking to 4 AM for my flights to Europe!

I found Finnair to be an average B overall, because their onboard service is generally good in Economy Class, but the seat was a little too narrow for me, I felt my neighbour seat was too close to me. Nevertheless, I had plenty of legroom and a 110V power plug between my seat and my neighbour's. My gateway today was Helsinki, Finland. It was a breeze to get through Passport Control and Customs: made it in less than 20 minutes to the street level. There's free internet service at Vantaa Airport, but don't expect it to be reliable. The bus to the City Centre is a steal at € 5,90 one way, considering I was carrying my folding bike in a large bag. I may consider returning to Vantaa on the regular city transit network, but I've got to figure it out yet. The finnish language is related to hungarian, so it feels like being back in Hungary in May '05, except most people here speak English, unlike Hungary! My sister María had a swedish boyfriend, and when she spent time in Sweden and learnt swedish, she made jokes about the finns talking like "rakka räkka röökka raaka waakka wööka wøkka wäkka" LOL but it doesn't quite sound like THAT María !

I'll wrap up with some pictures taken at Blacks Beach - I've got to figure out how to do it on this website though - and stay tuned, same naked channel, same naked time, for more exciting naked details.

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