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21 March
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I travel a lot so wherever you see me, that's my current location. Cyclist and true nudist. I am originally Venezuelan. Studying Physics and IT. Have been a naturist since 2001. What I think about it? It feels GREAT to get rid of the clothes...
Unfortunately, a lot of people think it's sex oriented. If you don't know me well and want to jerk off, I am not into it (Otherwise, why would you ask me for a larger version of my photo?). I am here because I am a naturist, and it's something I should enjoy more.
Some other people think naturism is something that belongs to warm weather, the summer, the beach... wrong! It's truly a lifestyle and I don't limit it! The beauty about it is that you don't have to be rich or poor to be nude. If you are truly a nudist, say hello here.